“This initiative provides a critical unmet need for school children, teachers and parents across the country.”

Catherine Curry-Williams, Founder, Shane’s Inspiration

“It’s about the ideas, the interactions, the influence. It’s easy to use and a benefit to all.”

Linda Lucks, President, Venice Neighborhood Council

“I am very excited to be partnering with iamanartist.org. Why? Because they are taking education to the next level. It’s something evolutionary that every school in America should be a part of.”

Renee Cofield, Principal, Academy of Enriched Sciences

Renee Cofield Principal LAUSD

“Cristian has created a safe, adventurous experience for teachers and children to unleash their creative spirit.”

Michael Shanklin, CEO, Kidspace Children’s Museum

In collaboration with the City of Pasadena, we will debut the pilot website along with the documentary in late 2017.