National Issues

America is facing an identity crisis. Extreme feelings of unworthiness among individuals in society are contributing to all-time highs in:

  • bullying
  • teen suicide
  • school shootings
  • diagnoses of mental illness
  • prescription of psychoactive drugs

Solutions exist, but in schools and communities across America, a gap exists between resources and those who need them.

We’re building a portal of purpose-driven content that encourages philosophical thinking and creative expression to empower our youth to achieve their greatest potential.

A 21st Century Self-Awareness Toolbox is an interactive search app that connects educators and families to national multimedia resources and local public services. Our proprietary algorithm powers a personalized mentorship experience for every child across America. Through this approach, we nurture mindfulness and revitalize community engagement.

By making information about children’s mental health, education equality and social causes available in one place, this platform will aid communities in learning, sharing and applying model programs toward self-awareness and character development.