Interactive Mentorship Portal for Emotional Intelligence


artist-iconNational Issue

  • From universities to elementary schools, Arts & Humanities programs are in need of national support.
  • Arts & Humanities studies motivate students to learn and develop critical thinking skills, preparing them for success in the classroom, workforce and life.
  • Youth educators and advocates need an efficient, collaborative and sustainable platform to meet the needs of 21st century students.

artist-iconWhat We Do is a curated search engine and streaming portal for Arts & Humanities content, through which educators and advocates can find resources and collaborate to nurture emotional intelligence in children.


We aim to help communities achieve education equality and meet the diverse mental health needs of today’s youth by broadening awareness and access to character-building resources and public services.


“I am very excited to be partnering with Why? Because they are taking education to the next level. It’s something evolutionary that every school in America should be a part of.”

Renee Cofield, Principal, Academy of Enriched Sciences

Renee Cofield Principal LAUSD

“This initiative provides a critical unmet need for school children, teachers and parents across the country.”

Catherine Curry-Williams, Founder, Shane’s Inspiration